Why Choose Us?


Little boy raising hand in classroom with text, Simply put, we share a common bond. We are parents and relatives of individuals with special needs.

Today, millions of Americans have some form of disability, including many children.  While the diagnosis and severity of the disability may vary, parents and caregivers play an essential role in the daily care of special needs children and young adults.  At times, the parents and assisting caregivers may experience significant stress. Financial, medical, and emotional support can make a difference in these individuals' lives.

The issue for many families and caregivers who have special needs children is how to provide their loved one with a meaningful quality of life while maintaining access to a variety of different benefits.


Creating a Special Needs Trust

A supplemental needs trust (sometimes called a “special needs trust”) is created to provide financial assistance for a beneficiary without disqualifying that beneficiary from also receiving governmental assistance, such as Medicaid or Supplemental Security Income (SSI).

These trusts contain special provisions stipulating that trust assets are to be used to supplement, and not replace, the governmental assistance.  Without these special provisions, the trust might disqualify the beneficiary from receiving the governmental aid.


How We Can Help

We have gathered a highly qualified group of professionals who have extensive experience in working with families with special needs children and adults.  We suggest options and coordinate our efforts to tailor a specific plan that targets your concerns.

As trustee, Stifel Trust provides the following services:

  • Administration of the trust according to its terms;
  • Payments to or on behalf of the beneficiary;
  • Prudent management of trust assets;
  • Preparation of the trust's income tax return;
  • Safekeeping of assets;
  • Tax information for beneficiaries;
  • Collection of dividends, interest, and other income;
  • Proxy voting; and
  • Efficient cash management;
  • Monthly statements.
  • Coordination with a care plan and care professionals;


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